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Educational Travel – Immerse Yourself in Your Destination


For some people, going on holiday is about more than staying by the pool or on the beach all day. Although relaxing in the sun is sometimes a perfect option, many people are hungry to explore new cultures and experience local cuisines. Those who have recently retired are spurring on the learning holiday trend, aiming to fill their free time with meaningful adventures and experiences. Educational travel holidays are about interacting with your destination; immersing yourself in its history and way of life, and maybe even learning a new skill.

Why choose educational travel?

Though educational tourism is often popular among retirees, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Both children and grown-ups can find joy in ‘learning adventures’. Choosing to go on an educational trip for your next holiday will provide you with an inspiring and rewarding experience to remember, and the good news is that it doesn’t have to cost lots.

There are many travel companies and tour organisers who can arrange a bespoke educational trip for you; providing you the opportunity to attend or teach classes on cruise ships, river raft along the Grand Canyon, explore national parks in Hawaii, or experience the cathedrals of Europe – whatever you choose! But, if you prefer having the freedom to explore at your own pace, you can organise a trip yourself with your own educational travel ideas.

We have selected some of the best holiday learning adventures and tips for your inspiration…

Ideas to explore and learn

Language Education Trips

Learning a new language is at the top of most people’s bucket lists. If you have always wanted to explore French in France or travel in Italy whilst learning Italian, why not make it the focus of your next trip? Find out how you can:

Learn French in France -

Learn Italian in Italy -

These courses can be tailored to your preferences; how many of you on the trip, which city or town you’d like to study in and what type of accommodation you would prefer. Programmes such as these also give you the opportunity to maximise your free time by offering guided tours and even take classes to learn a new skill.

Creative Education Trips

Many educational holiday organisers offer a wealth of trips which entail learning or developing a new creative skill such as cooking or photography. Authentic cultural experiences are offered; you could participate in a hands-on tutorial from culinary professionals in Europe or travel to exotic locations worldwide and learn to take stunning photographs.

Cruise Education Trips
If you love to take cruises, some providers offer onboard seminars to create a learning-focused holiday. Led by industry professionals, you could gain an insight into the creative industries – by learning how TV shows are made from a Hollywood casting director – or immerse yourself in times gone by with a seminar led by a professional historian. Find out what seminars are available on different cruises, at:

Immerse yourself

Seek out experts
To fully get the best out of your educational adventure, connect with local experts who have the knowledge of your destination’s culture. They will be able to provide you with a more meaningful educational trip based on their own experiences.

Be Curious
Educational travel is about more than just sightseeing. Seek out new learning opportunities, ask questions and fully immerse yourself in your destination. You will have a much more meaningful trip.


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