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Is a Greek Villa Holiday the Right Choice for You?


Guest blog by Emily Roberts: passionate about travel, literature and blogging.


No matter the reasoning for your holiday, whether it being a romantic getaway or to go on a family break, villas can be the perfect accommodation for all. Many villa companies offer luxury for all kinds of budgets so that you get the most out of your stay in Greece and when trying to find one suitable for you, all your desires are considered to ensure your chosen villa is the perfect choice.

Your holiday starts way before you even reach your accommodation, but there is no reason to be excited about a holiday when you’ve just chosen the cheapest option for the sake of saving money, meaning you get no benefits of staying there. This is why I recommend luxury all the way.

If you opt to spend that little bit extra on beautiful accommodation, you know your holiday will be an experience of a lifetime and the perfect choice for you. When staying in a Greek villa, you’ll most likely be staying in a larger group so prices when split between you will be considerably less anyway.

You’ll want to book your accommodation with a great trustworthy company whom are only truly thinking of your needs whilst finding the perfect place for all your desires. Whether you’re wanting to stay in Paros villas because of its golden beaches and vivid nightlife or Crete because of its diverse landscapes and busy cities, find a company whom have a great team of workers who will accommodate to your needs.

Romantic Getaway

When going away as a couple on a romantic vacation, villas are regularly seen as the perfect accommodation to stay in. They have the perfect setting, with chilled vibes and all the privacy you could wish for. You don’t have to worry about other tourists or having to wake up extra early in the morning to save yourself a sunbed by the pool, because you have your own private pool to swim in at all times of the day.

Many Greek islands like Paros are the most sought-after places for a romantic getaway due to the sunset views unlike any other and the clear waters. When paying for a more luxurious villa, you’ll find five-star hotel features are not sacrificed and they are to the highest of standards.

Family Holiday

Villas are absolutely perfect for family holidays. Villa companies understand that when vacating in a large group it can be hard to find hotel rooms that accommodate everyone, especially if you are wanting rooms close to each other. With villas, this downfall is ruled out as many companies offer villas that can accommodate up to 15+ guests at a time. These can be ideal for parties or family events, offered with every kind of facility you can think of, from a large dining area, en-suite bathrooms, a BBQ and large private swimming pool. 

For example, if you are looking for 8-bedroom villas in Paros that are perfect for up to 17 guests, then take a look at this collection: They offer you services hotels just couldn’t, even the most expensive ones. You will always have someone at your disposal to assist you and they can help you in getting VIP access everywhere with reservations at all high-end venues being made as well. Their team is there to help you get the best out of Paros. From spa treatments and helicopter tours to having your meals prepared for you by your own private chef, you know you’ll never want to leave this life of luxury.


Whatever the occasion, a villa with a view would be the perfect place to throw a party! Gather your family and friends to a Greek island for a party no one will ever forget, whether it be a birthday, anniversary or hen do, you can celebrate your special occasion in a villa! 

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