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Do I need specialist travel insurance for winter sports?


According to ABTA 38% of travellers over 55 do not check whether they have adequate winter sports travel insurance before hitting the slopes.


Last year 238,000 travellers aged 55-64 took a ski or snowboarding trip, with around 1.75 million people set to hit the slopes this winter.


Naturally the risk of accident are higher with hazardous activities, and ABTA are encouraging active travellers to ensure they check with their travel insurance provider that they have the right level of cover for their trip.


In this week’s travel blog we answer some of the most common questions we are asked in relation to winter sports cover.

How can I tell if I am covered for winter sports?


The first step is to check your policy schedule; you will notice winter sports cover in the additional options section. If you cannot locate this or have noticed this is not on your policy it is likely that you don’t have cover. If you’ve bought your cover from us we can add this to your policy – just call 0800 294 2967.

What does winter sports cover me for?


By adding winter sports cover to your policy you will automatically be covered for several winter sports activities including skiing and snowboarding (you can find a full list of winter sports that we cover here).


This also means that you will be covered for any medical treatment should you be injured on the slopes or require medical uplift.


Please note that cover for activities varies by insurer, get in touch with us on 0800 294 2967 or check your policy wording to confirm you are covered.

Is winter sports cover expensive?


Adding winter sports cover does not need to be expensive and generally is a small increase to your policy. It is a small price to pay to have the peace of mind that you’re covered for loss or theft of ski equipment and medical treatment should you need it.

Is winter sports cover the same with all insurers?


No, the activities covered and the amount of cover for your equipment, etc. varies by insurer/policy. As we work with a panel of insurers we can search to find the right policy for you, so if you would like help deciding which policy is the best for you our award-winning staff can help, call us on 0800 294 2967 and we will talk you through all of the options available.

Will my EHIC cover me if I am injured whist skiing?


If you are travelling within Europe we always recommend that you take your EHIC card with you. This will ensure you receive state-provided healthcare free of charge. However please remember that this will not pay for medical uplift (for example if you need to be transported down a mountain) and it will only cover state-provided healthcare - you would be billed separately for any treatment not covered and so for these instances you would need adequate travel insurance.

I have “free” insurance with my bank account, am I covered?


We would advise that you check the terms and conditions of the policy or call your bank for advice. You can usually pay to upgrade your policy, however it could be cheaper to take out a single-trip insurance policy including winter sports cover if you only plan on taking the one ski trip.


If you have any questions that we haven’t covered contact us or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

Travelling soon?


Get peace of mind by arranging your travel insurance; your cancellation cover starts as soon as you purchase.


Our single trip insurance policies have no upper age limit and we can cover the majority of medical conditions. Additional winter sports cover can be included on our annual and single trip policies.


Call our award-winning UK call centre to discuss your requirements on 0800 294 2967 or get your quote online.

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