by Dale Robinson


7 January 2021


A New Year is often seen as a fresh start, and with this, most of us choose to make resolutions like eating healthier or travelling more.

Although, while making resolutions is often easy, keeping them can be more of a challenge, with chances being that at some point in your life you have broken your New Year goals usually sooner than you’d like to admit!

So working together with our partners at Pharmacy2U, we’ve put together some top tips to help you stick to your travel goals in 2021.

Set realistic and specific travel goals

A common reason why many people fail to keep to their goals is because they are unattainable and out of reach.

When deciding on your travel plans try to pick a destination that you know is somewhere you can make happen, whether this be affordability or time availability. Also, try not to make your plans vague and instead set a specific destination, so rather than ‘travel more’ a better goal would be to ‘go to the Canary Islands this year’.

This will give you a target to aim and plan for. 

Break big goals up into smaller steps

Sometimes when we choose large goals, they can become overwhelming. A good idea is to set small, achievable goals throughout the year that ultimately lead you to your larger goal. For instance, if you have an expensive trip that you would like to go on, break down the cost of the holiday into small monthly saving goals.

You’ll feel motivated when you are successful in saving each month and it will encourage you to keep it up until you can cover the cost of your amazing trip.

Don’t choose too many destinations

We can often feel overwhelmed to try and tick lots of destinations off our list in one year. Instead, choose one place at a time to plan to go to and then take action to make the trip happen. Once you have been on that holiday then go on to plan your next must-see destination. 

Plan how to achieve your dream holiday

Taking time to think about your holiday and how you will achieve it, along with any resources you may need, are key factors to help you get your dream holiday. Researching on the internet or reading books are great ways to help prepare for this. More so, organise things you may need for a trip, for example, making sure you have the correct travel insurance to suit your individual needs. 

Choose a travel destination that you will enjoy

Don’t feel pressured to go to a certain destination just because it seems popular with other people or an ‘on-trend’ place to be seen. Make sure you choose somewhere that you think you will have a great time there and can make amazing memories from.

Get support for your travel goals

If you have a destination you plan on going with someone else, it is great to get their support for the trip. This can include the planning of the trip to supporting each other with saving goals. This will help to alleviate some of the stress from the trip and also make the whole process more fun. 

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