by Sam Leaver


19 March 2017



nsurance policies can be a minefield and the wording and terms used can sometimes be difficult to understand.

With Travel Insurance you will always want to ensure you’re covered for the basic things that can go wrong like how much you’re covered for if you need to cancel your holiday, if you need medical treatment abroad or if your belongings are lost or stolen.

However, with so many facets to your policy, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions, it can be easy for some areas of cover to get lost in translation.

We’re working hard to put you first and make things as clear as we can, so in this week’s travel blog we explain the benefits of cover that we offer from the range of specialist providers we work with.

What is a ‘Medical excess’?

This is how much you will have to pay towards a medical claim when on holiday. With some policies there is no charge, but it can be as high as £500 so make sure you ask about it, especially if you’re travelling with medical conditions.

It’s important to remember that the average cost of a medical claim abroad is £1,368 but complex treatment with repatriation can exceed £200,000!

What does ‘cancellation’ mean?

This is how much you will be paid by the insurance company if you need to cancel your trip. Some insurers don’t offer any cancellation cover and others can go up to £50,000 per person so you will want to check this to ensure it covers the value of your holiday.

It’s important to remember that you can only cancel in certain circumstances.

What is ‘personal possessions cover’?

This covers your suitcase(s) and their contents should they be lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. You will normally find this under the ‘baggage’ section of the policy wording and some policies cover up to £3,000. Check to see if you already have this covered on your home insurance under the personal possession away from the home section and you could save a little money by removing this from your travel insurance policy.

What about ‘medical cover’?

Having the right travel insurance policy will mean you are covered for medical, hospital and treatment costs (which includes cover for repatriation to the UK if you are not well enough to travel on your scheduled flight home) when you’re abroad.

It’s important to disclose all of your pre-existing medical conditions when arranging your travel insurance; this will make sure that you are covered for treatment if you need it when you’re on holiday.

Cutting your trip short (curtailment)

If you need to return home early from your holiday (depending on the circumstance) your travel insurance may cover the value of any unused travel and accommodation. This includes cover for unused ski hire, lessons and lift passes.

We would advise that you check your policy (under curtailment)for the reasons that insurers will accept a curtailment claim.

What does ‘missed departure’ mean?

Missing your flight is never ideal and can be costly so always make sure you leave for the airport in plenty of time.

Sadly this can happen if your car breaks down or you’re involved in an accident on your way to the airport, or for example if your public transport was delayed – your travel insurance policy will cover the additional transport and accommodation expenses to ensure that you reach your destination.

Abandoning your trip after a long delay

Delays are always frustrating, however if you have a delay of 12 hours or more on your outward journey you can abandon your trip and claim for your holiday costs, minus your policy excess. There are of course additional terms and conditions)

What about ‘loss of money’?

If your cash is lost or stolen while on holiday or it is taken from a locked safety deposit box you’ll be covered up to the maximum amount of £500 with some insurers.

Make sure you report the incident to the local police ASAP and if your cash is stolen from the hotel you’re staying at make sure you report them to the hotel.

Losing your passport

Our policies also include cover if you lose your passport while you’re abroad. Losing your passport is not ideal but at least the financial impact of replacing the passport is minimised and you can return home!

You can compare up to 48 prices

You can compare up to 48 prices in minutes including cover for hundreds pre-existing medical conditions including heart conditions, diabetes and cancer.

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