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by Sarah Forster


31 October 2022



Countries that have no Covid restrictions

With 30 countries removing all covid restrictions over the last few months we take a look at which countries still require you to be tested or vaccinated for entry.

Don’t forget, it is important to check the FCDO page for each destination before travel as requirements can change with short notice, simply click the country to view the Foreign Travel Advice for each.

North Korea and China are closed to all tourists.


Algeria Angola Azerbaijan Bolivia Botswana
Brazil Cameroon Colombia Comoros Côte d’Ivoire
Djibouti Eswantini Ethiopia Fiji Ghana
Guinea Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan
Kenya Laos Liberia Marshall Islands Micronesia
Myanmar Palau Paraguay Peru Philippines
Pitcairn Puerto Rico Seychelles Singapore Sri Lanka
Tanzania The Gambia Tonga Tunisia Turks and Caicos
UAE Uganda Uruguay USA Zimbabwe

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