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The cost of not arranging Travel Insurance


You could be hit with a bill for many thousands of pounds for medical treatment if you are taken ill or injured while abroad. And yet one in ten over 55-year-olds admit that they do not always take out travel insurance before going on holiday - even though more than half say they suffer from a medical condition of some sort.

Research carried out by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office shows that a third of those who don't always take out travel insurance choose not to because they are only going on a short break. Just over a quarter (27%) say it's too expensive and nearly one in five (18%) believe they don't need to as they are visiting family and friends. Many also say they don't need a policy as they are covered by their bank.

Perhaps more concerning is the fact that one in five (20%) with a policy are willing to risk invalidating it by not declaring a pre-existing conditionbecause they are on medication which allows them to manage it. While 15 per cent admit that they wouldn't update their policy at all if they developed a medical condition or were prescribed new drugs for an existing condition. specialise in covering pre-existing medical conditions for clients while on holiday. Many conditions are screened and covered at no additional cost.

The additional premium calculated for certain policies relates to the risk that some medical conditions present to insurers.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the cost of medical treatment is often significantly underestimated by people travelling abroad. Information shared by the ABI reveals that a claim in the United States for blood pressure and cholesterol-related medical emergencies, such as heart attacks and strokes, could cost up to £100,000.

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Medical Travel Insurance

We have worked hard to develop travel insurance with cover for pre-existing medical conditions and no age limit. Suitable for travellers over-65's.