by Sam Leaver


10 April 2020


8 tips for a successful multi-generational holiday

Multi-generational travel is becoming increasingly popular with more than half of UK families either going on a multi-generation holiday or thinking about one.

Whilst on paper it can seem like the perfect idea, in reality it can be difficult to juggle everyone’s expectations and needs. Take a look at our eight tips for finding the balance on a multi-generational holiday.

1. Set a budget

When planning a family holiday consider everyone’s budget and decide on who will pay for what at the outset.

There will be obvious and major expenses such as flights and accommodation. but in addition to this there will be there will be expenses you may not have budgeted for such as meals, drinks, activities, excursions and tips. Be realistic and set out expectations at the beginning of the planning process.

2. Choose the right accommodation

There are lots of options to choose from so make sure you discuss these with everyone in your group.

A villa could be the perfect solution to bring everyone together and you still have the privacy of your own separate sleeping arrangements. If you prefer staying in a hotel it could be a good idea to request adjoining rooms to keep everyone together.

3. Get everyone involved

It’s important that everyone is going to enjoy themselves and ensuring that the whole family is having fun is a lot of responsibility to put on one person.

To make sure everyone is included you should suggest that each person contributes one thing that they want to do or see, and include it in your itinerary.

4. Assign a planner

Once you have the above basics set out you should look to assign someone as the group’s planner.

They will be responsible for doing the research and suggesting holidays that match the itinerary. A travel agent will be able to help suggest destinations and put together a package for you, and suggestions can then be taken back to the group for discussion.

5. Plan some downtime

The holiday will be non-stop fun, however it probably won’t be very relaxing so it’s important to plan some time for rest and days apart.

Have a couple of days where nothing is planned. Maybe the grandparents can enjoy an afternoon to themselves whilst the others are at the beach and meet up in the evening to share your stories.

6. Be flexible and open-minded

We know that things don’t always go as planned so try to take a deep breath during those bumpy moments.

The kids might have a meltdown or two but it’s okay. Just take the experience as it comes, don’t dwell on it too much and try to go with the flow. Sometimes those trips where things don’t go as planned make the best memories of all.

7. Remember, don’t overwork the grandparents

Whilst it can be great to have the grandparents around to play babysitter, they probably didn’t sign up to be staying in with the kid’s every night.

Have this discussion before you go and even if they insist, make sure they have at least a couple of nights to themselves.

8. Capture the moment

We’re all a little guilty of spending too much time on our smart phones and devices but this is the perfect opportunity to capture those special moments, so take hundreds or pictures and videos. Be sure to ask a trustworthy stranger to take a picture of you with your whole group.

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