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Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

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Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions 

Travel Insurance for Pre-existing Medical Conditions 

A pre-existing condition is a medical illness or injury that exists before taking out a Travel Insurance policy. Conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart problems as well as non-physical conditions are examples of pre-existing health conditions. Medical Conditions should always be declared when taking out a Travel Insurance policy – no matter how minor.

When looking for Travel Insurance that covers all pre-existing medical conditions, we understand it can be costly and strenuous, but with Just Travel Cover it has never been easier. Our medical online screening is fast, accurate and straightforward and our panel of specialist medical travel insurers will provide cover for pre-existing conditions. 

It is important to ensure you have high-quality Travel Insurance in place, as medical treatment overseas can be extremely expensive. They must cover all pre-existing medical conditions to ensure you travel safely and comfortably.  

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Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is usually described as an illness or injury that you had diagnosed before you take out your new Travel Insurance policy. These include things like Asthma, Diabetes and Cancer, as well as anxiety and depression.

Why is Travel Insurance important if you have a pre-Existing Medical condition?

Accidents can happen anywhere, and to anybody, at any time. If they happen when you’re on holiday you may need medical treatment abroad – that’s why people take out Travel Insurance, to cover any unforeseen medical bills. However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, the type of treatment you need may be more extensive and costly, so you need to make sure your insurance covers these conditions too. That’s where we come in – we specialise in Travel Insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions – when you get a quote we will ask you a few questions regarding medical history and you will then be able to declare your medical conditions.

What does Pre-existing Medical Travel Insurance cover?

Accidents and emergencies can happen while away from home and medical bills can quickly mount up. Medical Travel Insurance (with cover for your pre-existing conditions) is there to provide peace of mind that if that does happen, the costs will be covered. We work with insurers who specialise in Travel Insurance for pre-existing medical conditions including physical and non-physical conditions, such as heart problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, asthma and anxiety and depression. We offer policies that cover emergency medical and hospital expenses and repatriation (the cost of getting you home) up to £15,000,000. Please note the amount of cover does vary between insurers but this is clearly marked alongside the price.

Does having pre-existing medical conditions affect where I can go?

 We work with multiple insurers with the aim of being able to provide Travel Insurance for people of all ages, wherever you’re going, covering all medical conditions. Always remember there is no cover if you choose to travel to a destination where the FCDO has advised against all, or all but essential travel. Each insurer has different criteria for who and what they will cover, and each quotation is tailored to your individual circumstances – so when you get a quote and declare your medical conditions (along with your destination, trip length, age etc) we will only show you quotes from providers who will provide the cover you need.

Do pre-existing medical conditions affect the cost of my insurance?

Having a pre-existing medical condition doesn’t always make Travel Insurance more expensive – it depends on the severity of the condition. Some low-level medical conditions are covered at no additional cost, it’s just important they are declared should you be hospitalised on holiday – others will carry an additional premium, although this is all calculated behind the scenes and we simply show you the total price to pay. 

Can I get Travel Insurance with a heart condition?

At Just Travel Cover we specialise in Travel Insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions including those who have suffered heart attacks, had a heart bypass or are living with angina. Declare your heart conditions along with any other medical conditions you have when completing the quotation process and we will present a range of options for you. Each insurer has different limits for medical expenses and excess, but all insurers on our panel will provide cover for heart conditions so you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind that you’re covered. 

Does Travel Insurance cover diabetes?

Yes, diabetes is probably the most common pre-existing medical condition with more than 5 million people in the UK living with type 1 or type 2. If you need medical care for your diabetes when on holiday this would not be covered unless declared on your Travel Insurance policy.

Is cancer a pre-existing medical condition for Travel Insurance?

Yes, cancer is classed as a pre-existing medical condition and you must declare it whether in remission or not. Getting Travel Insurance when you have had cancer or currently have cancer can be intimidating and expensive, however, it doesn’t have to be. We work with a panel of specialist medical Travel Insurers to provide you with high quality and affordable cover for cancer. These cover terminal prognosis, remission or a specific type, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, lymphoma and more. Like all Pre-existing Medical conditions, we ask you to follow the online medical screening questions or call us for further support and make sure your GP gives you the all-clear from travel.

How do mental health conditions affect Travel Insurance?

Mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression are classed as pre-existing medical conditions and need to be declared on your Travel Insurance policy. Our Travel Insurance policies provide cover for emergency medical treatment while away or if there is an unforeseeable circumstance, such as having to cancel your trip or cutting it short due to falling ill, for example.

Can I get travel insurance if I have pre-existing Medical conditions?

Here at Just Travel Cover we specialise in Travel Insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions. The aim of all Travel Insurance is to cover the cost of the unforeseen, such as illness or injury, theft of your belongings, or if you need to cancel your trip or return home early. It’s the same if you have a pre-existing medical condition, but having specific cover will mean you’re covered for the cost of care for your existing condition too. If you do not declare your pre-existing conditions you are unlikely to be covered for any treatment for them, which could lead to hefty medical bills.

Is there an upper age limit on Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

We work with multiple insurers so we can provide policies for people of all ages. Some of the specialist providers we work with have no upper age limit, and when you enter your details we will only show you prices of Travel Insurance providers who can cover you.

Will Just Travel Cover compare insurers on my behalf?

At Just Travel we work with multiple specialist insurers to help find a policy to suit your needs. Typically we will offer you bronze, silver and gold from each insurer you can provide cover. If we cannot provide a quotation due to your medical conditions we will signpost you to a company that we believe can help.

Cover for hundreds of medical conditions

Travel Insurance claims are at an all-time high and the majority are to support the 3,000 people per week who need emergency medical treatment abroad.

Declare your conditions and ensure your policy covers your pre-existing conditions.

Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

  • Emergency medical, hospital and medical expenses up to £15m
  • Repatriation (the cost of getting you home)
  • Emergency dental care
  • Accommodation expenses
  • 24 hour medical assistance line


We Compare Prices From These Insurers

Click here to download the Policy Wording and Insurance Product Information document for all insurers. In the event you are unable to find a suitable product from our panel of multiple providers, you can find contact details of some additional Insurers who specialise in travel insurance for people with serious medical conditions here, or call 0370 950 1790 for more information.

Single Trip Travel Insurance With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions – No Age Limit

Once you complete our simple and quick online medical screening, you will get a range of quotes from our panel of trusted insurance underwriters with a choice of policies to match your needs. We take away the worry by covering you for medical treatment abroad, cancellation, missed departure, lost travel documents, and personal belongings – so you can focus on having a great time!

Instant Protection From The Moment You Buy Your Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

It is quick and easy to buy your single trip cover online anytime, 7 days a week. Your cancellation cover starts from the moment your complete your purchase, so if you are unable to travel for an insured reason, you may be able to recover the cost of your holiday.

To be eligible for cover you must:

  • be resident in the UK, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man for more than 6 months
  • be registered with a GP at your place of residence
  • purchase the policy prior to leaving the UK on your planned trip

Specialist Travel Insurance with no upper age limit

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