Travel Insurance for Gallstones

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Now that you’ve booked your next holiday, it’s time to find Travel Insurance that covers gallstones. Just Travel Cover is here to help

If you currently suffer from gallstones or have in the past, you know that they can often have little to no symptoms – until it is too late. If a gallstone becomes trapped, the intense pain in your stomach can make even the simplest of tasks a challenge.

Nobody wants to think that a medical emergency will happen while you’re abroad, but it is best to be prepared in case it does. Having Travel Insurance with gallstone cover will give you the peace of mind needed to relax while you’re away.
On average in the UK, gallstones affect 1 in 10 adults, so you aren’t alone. There are certain factors that increase your risk of developing gallstones, such as being overweight or over the age of 40. Statistically, you are also more likely to develop gallstones if you’re female, especially if you have had a child.

If you’re currently suffering from gallstones, have suffered complications in the past, or have recovered, it is important that you declare it on your Travel Insurance, as failing to do so could make your policy invalid. Don’t let the fear of gallstones get in the way of your well-deserved break. Get Gallstone Travel Insurance with Just Travel Cover today.

Thanks to our quick online medical screening, it has never been easier to find an insurance policy that covers your individual needs. Once you’ve answered a few medical questions, we will compare prices from a range of insurers who can provide gallstone cover and present options to you – be sure to check the amount of cover provided and the excess you’ll need to pay in the event of a claim.

If you would feel more comfortable speaking with one of our Travel Insurance specialists over the phone, please don’t hesitate to call today.

Travel Insurance for Gallstones FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Travel Insurance for Gallstones.

Is gallstones a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, any medical issue that you had before travelling is considered a pre-existing medical condition, including gallstones. It is important that you declare your condition when getting a quote to ensure you have cover in place should you need medical treatment for gallstones (or any related) condition. 

If you fail to declare your gallstones, you could be at risk of invalidating your policy. This means that you may not be covered if a gallstone-related medical emergency were to happen while you’re abroad. Medical treatment abroad can be costly, and if you’re not adequately insured, you may be faced with paying hefty fees alone.

Can I get Travel Insurance with gallstones?

Yes – we are here to help. You can get Travel Insurance for gallstones, and it is recommended that you do. Our Travel Insurance specialists are experienced in finding cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions, including gallstones.

Can you fly with gallstones?

Yes, you can fly with gallstones, but it’s wise to consult your doctor if you’ve had recent episodes of pain. Ensure you have Travel Insurance with gallstones cover, carry necessary medications, and know the healthcare options at your destination.

Travel Insurance for Gallstones – Your Cover

  • Cancellation/ curtailment up to £12,500 (£30,000 on referral)
  • Missed departure up to £1,500 per person
  • Baggage up to £3,000 per person
  • Personal Liability up to £2 million per person
  • Zero excess policies available

Medical Cover for Gallstones

  • Emergency medical expenses and repatriation up to £15 million
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance
  • Cover for all types of Autoimmune Conditions

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