UK Only Travel Insurance for your Staycation holiday
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Staycation Travel Insurance for the UK

Many believe that Travel Insurance will only protect them on trips abroad and buying Staycation Travel Insurance for a UK break is pointless. After all, medical treatment is free on the NHS.

But Staycation Travel Insurance is so much more than just cover for emergency medical care.

The Importance of UK Only Travel Insurance

UK Staycation Travel Insurance is there to protect you should the unexpected happen. Just like holidays abroad you and/or family members can become ill, leading to cancellation of your holiday and luggage can be lost or stolen.

Did you know that if you have an Annual European or Worldwide Travel Insurance policy you are covered for UK breaks? Check your policy wording for more details.

Get a Staycation Travel Insurance quote today and travel with confidence in the UK.

Key Benefits of Staycation Travel Insurance

Below we explore four of the main benefits of having an adequate UK Staycation Travel Insurance policy for your next trip:


If a family member or member of your holiday party fell ill or was injured resulting in you having to cancel your UK holiday, you could lose the deposit or full amount of your holiday. If you have an adequate Staycation Travel Insurance policy you could make a claim for all costs incurred including any rail or plane tickets purchased in advance.

Personal Possessions

You may have a tendency to ‘overpack’ when you’re not limited to 20kg luggage allowance. A UK break can see many take more expensive items depending on the type of holiday. Some home contents insurance will cover your personal belongings whilst away from home, but not all policies provide enough scope to cover expensive items such as cameras, laptops, tablets, Xbox’s and Playstations.*


Cover if you need to cut short your holiday due to medical conditions for pre-booked accommodation


All Just Travel Cover’s policies provide cover for Covid-19 including emergency medical expenses and repatriation home and cancellation if you test positive for Covid-19. Find out more here.

How to get a UK Travel Insurance quote

Simply click get a quote below and enter your details. When you reach the destination – click other and enter the United Kingdom. Don’t forget to select Yes if you’re going on a UK cruise.

UK Staycation Travel Insurance FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Staycations and UK only Travel Insurance for UK Holidays

Do I really need Travel Insurance in the UK?

Staycation Travel Insurance is not compulsory unless your travel agent/tour operator has specified you need insurance. For example, some cruise companies do require proof of insurance before you board. Otherwise, it is optional but it is recommended as it does cover you for cancellation of your trip and any lost or stolen personal belongings.

Is it worth getting UK Only Travel Insurance?

We highly recommend obtaining Staycation Travel Insurance for a UK trip as it will not only cover you for the cost of your trip if you fall ill and can no longer travel or if your personal belongings are lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. Having UK only Travel Insurance will give you the peace of mind needed to relax while on your Staycation.

Does UK Travel Insurance cover bad weather?

Some UK-only Travel Insurance policies will cover you for bad weather. However, we highly recommend checking the policy wording for further details as this can differ per scheme.

What is a Seacation?

A seacation is a cruise around UK waters. It’s a chance to explore the breathtaking British Isles from the luxury of a cruise ship with the same level of first-class service as you would expect on any cruise voyage.

What are the common exclusions of UK Staycation Travel Insurance?

UK Staycation Travel Insurance will not cover you for emergency medical expenses as you will be expected to be treated under the NHS. Accommodation and journeys will also only be covered when booked in advance and your UK break must be over a certain distance from your home address and for at least 2 nights of pre-booked accommodation. This may/can differ per insurer, so make sure you check the policy wording for more details.

Who is the best company to get Staycation Travel Insurance?

A UK only, or Staycation, Travel Insurance policy needs to be tailored to your own individual needs and requirements. No one size fits all, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition. At Just Travel Cover, we compare multiple insurers and offer cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions with no age limit. Not only that but we also offer three levels of cover, bronze, silver and gold, to help find the best policy for you. You can view our Travel Insurance Checklist here to help you find the right policy for your needs.

Do UK Breaks include Ireland for Travel Insurance?

Any leisure travel to Northern Ireland is covered by your UK Travel Insurance. However, Southern Ireland is classed as part of Europe so you would require a Travel Insurance that covered either Southern Ireland (single) or an annual European Policy.

Do I need Travel Insurance for Southern Ireland from England?

Yes, you do need Travel Insurance for Southern Ireland if you’re travelling from England. While Northern Ireland is covered under holiday insurance for UK holidays due to its status as part of the UK, Southern Ireland (the Republic of Ireland) is considered a separate entity and is classified as part of Europe for Travel Insurance purposes. To make sure you’re covered for any unexpected events, medical emergencies, or travel-related issues, it’s important to get a Travel Insurance policy that specifically includes Southern Ireland. For single-trip policies, just select Southern Ireland from the drop-down list, and for annual policies, Southern Ireland will be covered under Europe or Worldwide. This will provide you with peace of mind during your trip to Southern Ireland, covering potential issues such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, lost or stolen luggage, and more.

*Always check your policy wording, as terms, cover and limits can vary between insurers.

Travel Insurance for UK Holidays

Secure your UK Holiday Insurance today at Just Travel Cover. We offer cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions with no age limit.

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