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Travel Insurance for golfing trips abroad and in the UK
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Travel Insurance for Golfing Trips Abroad

Golf Cover Insurance has been designed with golfers in mind and although playing non-competitive golf is covered within our policies under activities pack A at no extra cost, it is worthwhile considering taking out the Golf Cover Insurance extension. This Golf Holiday Travel Insurance extends your standard Travel Insurance policy to provide golf club cover, safeguarding your equipment and non-refundable green fees. It can be added to most Travel Insurance policies taken out with Just Travel Cover including single and annual trips.

All Travel Insurance policies at Just Travel Cover come with Covid-19 cover as standard. Covid-19 cover offers your protection against cancellation if you contract Covid-19 before your holiday and cannot travel as well as emergency medical expenses if you contract Covid-19 whilst abroad.

Golf Insurance with Cover for Medical Conditions

Don’t forget that as we work with a panel of insurers we can provide cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions with no upper age limit. We advise to always check the policy wording to ensure that you have the appropriate level of cover for your needs and are aware of any exclusions that may apply. It is important that you declare all pre-existing medical conditions when getting Golf Travel Insurance. This way, you are covered should anything health-related go wrong on your golf trip. We cover more than golf clubs and equipment. We also offer protection for cancellations, cover for emergency medical expenses, including repatriation, should you need to return home quickly due to a medical emergency. Plus, with our 24/7 support, help is just a phone call away, providing peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your game.

Is It Worth Getting Golf Cover Insurance?

Travel Insurance with golf extension protects any owned or hired golf equipment. The additional golf club insurance for travel will include the repair or replacement of golfing equipment that has been lost, stolen or damaged whilst on your trip. You will also be able to claim a set amount for the cost of hiring replacement golf equipment that was a result of accidental loss, theft or damage to your own golfing equipment during your golf break.

Not only this, Golf Cover Insurance also provides cover for loss of non-refundable green fees and some insurers offer cover for ‘Hole in One’. Always check your policy wording for your chosen insurer as cover varies by insurer and some policies contain exclusions.

Find the Perfect Match with Golf Insurance Comparison

Our Travel Insurance comparison tool allows you to compare from multiple insurers, all of which can provide the golf cover you are looking for. After answering a few questions about your age, medical history, destination, duration of trip and adding on our golf cover extension, we will only show you policies that are suitable for your travel requirements. Golf insurance comparison is made easy with Just Travel Cover.

Other Benefits of Golf Cover Insurance

Not only do you get the same benefits as a standard Travel Insurance policy you will also get the following benefits with Golf Cover Insurance:

Golf Equipment

Claim up to 85% of the cost for any golf equipment that is lost, stolen or damaged during your trip. Terms apply.

Delayed Golf Equipment & Golf Hire

Claim the cost of hiring golf equipment if your own has been delayed due to being misplaced, lost or stolen on your outward journey. Terms apply.

Green Fees

Claim the cost of green fees if you’re unable to obtain a refund due to a certified doctor confirming you’re unable to play due to serious injury or illness. Some providers will also cover adverse weather conditions. Terms apply.

Hole in One

Some insurers on our panel offer a ‘Hole in One’ benefit. Complete a hole in one stroke gross (ie. exclusive of handicap) during an organised competitive game on any golf course on any trip. Terms apply.

Smart Luggage

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and luggage can be delayed or missing – In 2021* more than 9.9 million items were mishandled by the travel industry.

With Smart Luggage you receive real time payouts straight into a bank or Paypal account of your choice. Claim up to £550 when your checked luggage is deemed lost after 48 hours*.

Why Choose Just Travel Cover?

When it comes to golfing trips, we know what’s at stake. Unlike standard Travel Insurance that addresses common travel risks, our specialised Golf Travel Insurance is tailored for avid golf enthusiasts. Here’s how we stand out:

  • Equipment Protection: Benefit from dedicated coverage for golf equipment, ensuring costs are taken care of for repairs or replacements in cases of damage, loss, or theft.
  • Secured Green Fees: Don’t fret about unpredictable events. With our unique golf club cover, non-refundable green fees are safeguarded if unforeseen situations keep you off the course.
  • Celebrate Achievements: Experience the thrill of competitive games with more zest! Selected policies offer a ‘Hole in One’ cover to celebrate your golfing milestones.
  • Medical Specialists with No-Upper Age Limit: At Just Travel Cover, we can offer cover for a range of pre-existing medical conditions for those of all ages.

Awarded Best Travel Insurance Provider

Just Travel Cover is proud to be named the Best Travel Insurance Provider of 2023 at the Insurance Choice Awards. This reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in Travel Insurance, including insurance for golfers and those with pre-existing conditions. Get a quote today and have peace of mind that you are securing quality service that has been nationally recognised.

Golf & Equipment Cover FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Golf and Equipment Cover

Are golf clubs covered under Travel Insurance?

Yes, golf club insurance covers your golf equipment, including golf clubs, with golf balls, golf bags, golf trolleys and golf shoes.

Does Golf Travel Insurance only cover competitive golf games?

No, our Travel Insurance with golf cover provides protection for both competitive and non-competitive golf sessions. Non-competitive golf is included under our activities pack, ensuring that casual players are also protected. With our Golf Holiday Travel Insurance, golfers can be confident that both their equipment and their game – competitive or not – are safeguarded during their trips. 

Do I need Golf Travel Insurance even if I am renting my equipment?

Yes, our Travel Insurance with golf club cover protects both owned and rented equipment as many golf enthusiasts prefer to rent clubs, especially when travelling abroad or trying out a new course. In the event of loss, theft, or damage to your rented golf clubs during your trip, our golf club Travel Insurance ensures you’re not left bearing the full cost of replacement or repair. With our Travel Insurance including golf clubs, you can have peace of mind knowing that whether you’re swinging with your personal set or a rented one, you’re covered.

How does your Golf Holiday Travel Insurance stand out from standard Travel Insurance?

Standard travel insurance covers general risks, but our golf holiday Travel Insurance caters specifically to golf enthusiasts. Here’s how they differ:

  • ​​Equipment Coverage: Our Travel Insurance for golf offers protection for golf equipment, covering costs for repairs or replacements if they’re damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Green Fees: Unique to our Travel Insurance with golf club cover, we cover non-refundable green fees if you can’t play due to unexpected reasons.
  • ‘Hole in One’ Benefit: Some of our policies celebrate your achievements with a ‘Hole in One’ cover for competitive games.
What if I can't play due to an injury, how does Golf Trip Insurance cover the green fees?

Our golf club Travel Insurance allows you to claim the cost of green fees if a certified doctor confirms you can’t play, whether it’s due to injury or illness. 

Are there any age limits or medical conditions restrictions for the Golf Holiday Insurance?

At Just Travel Cover, we aim to ensure that all golf enthusiasts, regardless of their age or pre-existing medical conditions, can enjoy golfing holidays with peace of mind. We will only show you insurance policies that best fit your unique needs, providing you declare any pre-existing medical conditions and ages of travellers. 

Do I need Golf Insurance in the UK?

Golf Cover Insurance in the UK is recommended for anyone regularly playing or travelling for golf. Unlike generic travel or sports insurance, Golf Insurance specifically caters to the unique needs of golfers. It covers a range of scenarios specific to golf, such as equipment loss or damage, non-refundable green fees, and specific golf-related accidents. With the unpredictable weather in the UK and the possibility of theft or loss of expensive equipment, having dedicated golf insurance provides peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is protected.

How do I find the best Golf Insurance for my golfing trip, in the UK, or abroad?

To find the best Golf Insurance for your trip, either in the UK or abroad, you should start by assessing your specific needs, such as cover for your equipment and green fees. If travelling abroad, you should also consider the amount of medical cover you may need, including cover for any pre-existing medical conditions. At Just Travel Cover, we can compare Golf Travel Insurance policies for you! After answering a few questions about your holiday, including your age, destination, medical history and additional add-ons such as golf cover extension, we will only show you policies that match your unique travel needs. You can then compare golf insurance policies and choose the best policy for you.

What should I consider when comparing Golf Insurance policies?

When comparing Golf Insurance policies, you should pay attention to the details of the cover offered, including what is covered (such as equipment, green fees, and accidents) and any exclusions or limitations. Evaluate the cost of the policy in relation to the extent of cover provided, including the amount of excess to pay in the event of a claim. At Just Travel Cover, we will only show you policies that best match your requirements, so you can compare and find a policy that best meets your budget and travel requirements.

Can I add Golf Insurance to my existing Travel Insurance policy?

Yes. If you have already purchased a Travel Insurance policy and now need golfers insurance, you should declare this. While our standard Travel Insurance policies cover non-competitive golf under activities pack A at no additional cost, you will need to add the Golf Cover extension if you are playing competitively or require equipment cover. Call us and speak to one of our insurance advisors to amend your policy. Golfers insurance provides additional cover specific to golfing activities, such as equipment protection and green fee loss.

Always check your policy wording, as terms, cover and limits can vary between insurers.

Travel Insurance for Golfing Trips Abroad

Secure your Travel Insurance for golf and equipment cover today with Just Travel Cover. We offer golf cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions with no age limit.

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