Making a Claim

Making a Claim on Your Travel Insurance

Just Travel Cover is a Travel Insurance broker. We sell Travel Insurance policies from a panel of insurers who specialise in providing cover for pre-existing medical conditions and travellers of all ages.

Making a Travel Insurance Claim When You Return Home

If you need to make a claim on a Travel Insurance policy bought from Just Travel Cover you will find details on how to do this inside your policy wording.

All of our partners include full details of what you should do in the event of claim as well as their full contact details in their policy wording.

Obtaining Emergency Medical Assistance Whilst You Are Away

All of the travel insurance providers we use provide 24-hour emergency medical assistance. You will find full details of how to contact them in your travel insurance policy wording.

We recommend that you take your Travel Insurance policy wording with you when you travel, so that you have these contact details to hand if you need them, but don’t forget you can also access these online anytime via your online account.

Travel Insurance Tip: Take Your Policy Wording With You When You Travel

Whether you are travelling with a pre-existing medical condition or not it is important that you have appropriate Travel Insurance in place before you travel, it’s also very important that you take your travel insurance policy wording with you so that you have all the details handy.

If something happens whilst you are away and you need to make a claim on your policy, read the terms and conditions to see if there’s anything you need to do in order for your claim to be accepted.

For instance:

  • if you need medical treatment, you may need to call the emergency support line before receiving medical treatment so that they can authorise cover.
  • if your bag is lost or stolen you will generally need to obtain a police report to support your claim.
  • if your flight is delayed, get a letter from your airline confirming the length of delay and the reason for the delay
  • keep receipts for any medical treatment you pay for upfront.


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What You Need to Do

In order for your Travel Insurance claim to be accepted you will need to provide evidence of what happened and any associated costs to your travel insurer. It pays to be prepared and we recommend you read your policy wording so that you have all the supporting documentation that your travel insurer may require.

Find Out More

Our tips on claims apply equally to those of you who have Travel Insurance with pre-existing medical conditions covered, those without any medical conditions and whatever your age, under 65, over 65, or over 80.