by Sam Leaver


22 August 2018




We’ve all been there – trying to squeeze everything but the kitchen sink in to a 20kg suitcase for our holidays, even though we’re probably not going to use/wear half of the things we take.

From medication to magazines, sunglasses to swimwear, some things are more important than others, so we’ve come up with some handy tips that might just help next time you’re packing for that well-deserved break.

Firstly, if you can get away with taking hand luggage only rather than a suitcase that goes in the hold you will save both time and money – so you’ll get there quicker and you’ll have a little more cash in your pocket for that first day trip!

That’s not always possible obviously, especially with long-haul holidays, so it’s worth reading on for our tips on how to pack your suitcase like a pro!

Note that baggage restrictions will vary depending on which airline you are flying with so it’s always worth checking the size and weight limits prior to packing so that you avoid any excessive charges at check-in.

Prioritise your essentials

Once you have an idea of what you would like to take on holiday separate them into two piles.

  • The first pile should consist of your essentials; make sure you pack these items first.
  • The next pile should be considered your nice-to-haves, if you can fit some of these items in there too you’re already winning.

When considering your essential list, think;

  • Do you need a towel? Check if your hotel offers pool towels.
  • Does the hotel offer free toiletries or can you buy them at your destination? (Packing large bottles of unopened toiletries will weigh down your bag)

Space saving

Rolling your clothes will save space and it also prevents them from creasing.

Roll everything as tight as possible and use rolled socks to secure items in place.

Have you ever heard of the ranger roll technique? Find out more here.

Once everything is rolled up it’s time to play Tetris, placing everything in your bag so there’s a nice tight fit.

Pack things in order you need them

Your flight essentials should be located at the top of your bag.

  • Passport

  • Toiletries – 100ml or less if they are in your hand luggage

  • Medication

  • Travel Insurance documents

  • Flight tickets

  • Hotel vouchers

  • Book for the plane

  • Phone charger

It’s unlikely you will need to change your clothes or footwear before you arrive at your hotel which means these items can be packed first and will sit at the bottom of your bag.

Protect your luggage

Travel Insurance will protect your baggage if it is lost or stolen up to £3,000 per person.

Find out everything you need to know about baggage and valuables cover here.

You’ll also be covered for any medical treatment you may require whilst you are on holiday and for cancellation of your trip before you travel.

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