by Sam Leaver


22 April 2019




To mark the launch of “Know Your Numbers Week”, set up by Blood Pressure UK, we’ve got some fascinating numbers, facts and figures to share with you, starting with offering you 12% off your Travel Insurance for 12 days from today (Monday 9 September 2019).

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  • 7: Take a look at these 7 ideas for an autumn break

  • 153,000: the number of people who needed emergency medical treatment abroad in 2018

  • 1,368: the average cost (£) of s medical Travel Insurance claim

  • 167,000 claims for cancellation in 2018

  • 399: million paid out in claims in 2018

Every year there are millions of pounds paid in Travel Insurance claims, including:

  • £2,108 following a swimming injury in Greece
  • £7,258 for treatment of a broken wrist in Spain
  • £15,000 after a broken leg on a cruise
  • £19,187 after a fall in Turkey
  • £36,162 to cover a pacemaker fitted in Cyprus
  • £73,000 for surgery in the Dominican Republic

To ensure you avoid costly medical bills it’s important to take our Travel Insurance and ensure you declare any pre-existing medical conditions you may have, so you can relax with complete peace of mind that you’re covered.

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