by Sam Leaver


1 April 2018


While visiting a spa is a regular occurrence for many of our European neighbours, it is often considered as an activity kept for a ‘special occasion’ for us Brits.

Spa breaks are a good escape in the 21st century where our fast paced, digitally-influenced and busy lives negatively impacting our mental health.

In this week’s blog we take a look at 13 physical, mental and emotional benefits of regular spa attendance:

1. Spas can help with sleep

Hot water will raise your body temperature which helps to relax your body. This will also make you tired and help you sleep easy. (Please take care not to fall asleep in the hot tub).

2. Help reduce aches and pains

If you’re suffering from aches and pains the hot water can also help with these. As mentioned above the hot water will relax your muscles which should help with any stiffness or soreness.

3. They are good for your heart

By immersing your full body in water up to your neck, your body is doing a mini workout. The water pressure on your body increases your heart rate so your heart is working harder which helps to keep you healthy.

4. Benefit from lower blood pressure

As mentioned previously, spas can be good for your heart health and relaxation. With this in mind an American cardiovascular-expert carried out a study which proved that sitting in a spa bath can lower your blood pressure.

5. Reduce stress-levels

All of the relaxation and sitting in a hot tub can also help to reduce your stress levels and promote a feeling of general wellbeing.

6. Cleanse your body

The heat will open up your pores and your body will receive a detox. This will leave you with a feeling of being refreshed.

7. Improve anxiety

Along with the decrease in stress, health benefits and heat the spa baths can help you feel a less anxious. A spa break probably can’t get rid of all of your anxiety, however it should help ease it a little.

8. Be active

Activity is good for the heart and it’s also good for your mental health. Most spas will provide access to their gym, meaning you can relieve some stress in the gym prior to heading to the spa for a few hours of relaxation.

9. Be sociable

Although you’re going to the spa to escape, take your partner or a friend and have positive conversations – this will also help improve your mood or strike up a conversation with a fellow spa-goer.

10. Avoid alcohol – stay hydrated

Alcohol is a depressant which alters your brain chemistry. A drink can help us feel more confident and less anxious but the more you drink, the more your brain is affected. Alcohol can be linked to aggression which could lead to anger, being anxious or depression. Instead drink plenty of water which will help you to think more clearly.

11. Eat feel-good foods

Grab a bite to eat when you’re in the spa, make sure that you’re getting your 5 a day and plenty of protein, try to avoid sugars and bad fats.

12. Avoid your digital devices

We’re now more connected than ever with smart-phones, e-tablets and laptops allowing us access to the internet and social media anywhere in the world. Switching off for a day or two can provide a welcome escape and help to reduce stress and pressure.

13. The benefits of readingThere are a lot of benefits from reading such as; improving your memory, increase your intelligence, books can help you escape into other world and reading for pleasure lowers your stress-levels and promotes relaxation.
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