by Sam Leaver


22 January 2019




The start of a New Year often comes with a host of resolutions like giving up chocolate, exercising more or learning a new language, but once the festivities are over it can be difficult to get motivated.​

Here are our top tips on how to beat those dreaded January blues:

Exercise regularly

Being active lifts your mood and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves your physical health and boosts your energy levels. You don’t need an expensive gym membership to squeeze in a workout, a brisk 30 minute walk will do the trick; It’s a great way to spend time with family or friends too, but change your route regularly to avoid boredom setting in.

How’s your diet?

Over the festive period it can be easy to over indulge in chocolate and cheese (amongst other things), but those sweet treats can make you feel sluggish and under energised, so reach for fresh fruit and veg on our next shop to feel more energised this January

Get a good night’s sleep

Sticking to a regular bed time will help regulate your sleep cycle, which in turn should reduce tiredness and boost your energy levels. Most of us need at least 7 hours of sleep each night so make sure you’re getting enough rest.

Challenge yourself

Keep your mental health on track by challenging yourself to learn something new; how about another language to help you on your next holiday?

Turn up the volume

Did you know that listening to music can give you a natural high? Listen whilst you exercise or turn up the volume when you’re home alone doing the housework or simply sit back and relax to the sound of your favourite tracks.

Ditch the resolutions

Don’t put yourself under too much pressure with unrealistic resolutions; if you weren’t out for a walk at 7am this morning that’s OK, just go at your own pace.

Plan a holiday

Planning your next holiday will provide something to look forward to and you can put those language skills to use too!

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