by Sam Leaver


22 April 2018




We know that waiting for your luggage at the airport is not a part of your holiday that you look forward to, but at least you know once collected you can make your way to your accommodation and start enjoying your trip – unless your bags don’t arrive, or they have been damaged in transit, which can be the worst possible start to your holiday.

Losing your bags, or them being stolen during your trip is probably the last thing you want to think about, but unfortunately it does happen – that’s why it’s important to ensure you have adequate should the worst happen.

What is baggage cover and what items are classed as valuables?

Baggage cover usually comes as standard on most travel insurance policies although some companies will give you the option of removing this to help reduce your premium.

It will cover you if your luggage (for example a suitcase or bag) is lost, stolen or damaged from the moment you leave home, during your trip as well as on your return back into the UK.

The policy will cover repair or replacement of your baggage and its contents as well as your valuables.

There are some exclusions such as leaving your baggage unattended but you’ll also receive additional baggage cover such as reimbursement for any necessities that you need to purchase if your baggage is delayed (Baggage delay cover).

What does valuable actually mean?

The definition of valuables can vary from policy to policy so we always recommend that you check this prior to purchasing your travel insurance.

An example of items covered under valuables are jewellery, watches, cameras, mobile phones, iPods, Kindles, MP3/4 players and laptops. Please do check the policy wording for each insurer as these can vary. You can call us on 0800 294 2969 if you would like us to check for you.

Will the policy cover all of my luggage and valuables?

All policies have different baggage and valuables limits so it’s very important to check this when arranging your policy.

Our policies will offer you the following cover:

-Up to £3,000 for baggage cover.

This is the total amount that the insurance company will pay if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged.

-Up to £500 for a single item, a pair or set.

This is the maximum amount the insurance company would pay for a single item, pair or set. For example if you we’re trying to claim for a ring worth £800, unfortunately the maximum amount the insurance company would pay is £500.

-Up to £500 total valuables limit.

If you have to make a claim for lost/stolen valuables the maximum amount you can claim is £500 – so for example if you lose a bag with a mobile phone worth £600 and a laptop worth £400 then you would only be able to claim £500 back.

Tip:_ “Try separating your valuables and storing them in a couple of different bags to reduce your risk, rather than storing all of your valuables in one bag.“_

If you require more cover for any of the above sections we would recommend that you speak to your home insurance provider and ask them about personal possessions cover. This means you’ll be able to remove baggage cover from your travel insurance which will help reduce the price.

What about my golf clubs/skis?

If you’re taking additional items away with you such as golf clubs, ski equipment or company laptops you will need to ensure you add the following to your policy:

-Winter-sports cover

This will cover your skiing equipment as well as cover if you are injured whilst participating in winter-sports activities defined in the policy wording.

-Golf cover

If you need to cover your golf clubs, you’ll also receive additional cover including loss of green fees and hole-in-one cover.

-Business Equipment

This will cover a company laptop as well as other items belonging to your employer.

What is the policy excess?

This is the amount that you would pay before an insurance company will pay anything towards your claim.

For example, if your policy excess was £50 and you we’re claiming for a lost watch worth £250, you would pay the first £50 of the claim meaning your insurer would reimburse you with £200.

The policy excess can vary so we always recommend that you check this prior to purchase.

Speak to a specialist

If you’re unsure about what cover you need speak to one of our travel insurance specialists and we’ll help you find the right cover.

We compare prices to get you the best policy to suit your trip and individual requirements.​

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