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Best Value Travel Destinations for 2017


With holiday-booking season upon us, we’ve picked-out the best priced destinations to travel to in 2017, offering wonderful sights, culture and experiences for the greatest value that will make you want to pack your bags right away.

Southern Africa
With a multitude of countries boasting beautiful scenery and diverse cultures from border to border, Southern Africa is worthy of a place on your must-visit list, and the value of local currencies against the pound makes it an ideal travel destination for 2017. This January sees one British pound worth just over 16 South African rand (pegged to the Namibian dollar), a more attractive prospect for travellers than countries within the Eurozone.
Southern African countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa are home to breath-taking landmarks and unique wildlife, offering travellers amazing safari adventures and exciting cultural encounters. To get the best value out of Southern Africa, choose to travel outside of local school-holiday times, avoiding December and January for the best-priced flights.


As the decline of the pound against the euro is prominent, destinations further afield than Europe are increasingly more appealing and better value for money, and the world’s eighth largest country is no exception. Travelling to Argentina in 2017, you will benefit from an exchange rate which sees £500 worth £300 more in Argentine Pesos than in 2013. With a spectacular array of exploration opportunities; from waterfalls, to glaciers, to pulsating towns and nightlife, and flights from around £525, Argentina is the best destination for value for money.

Described by Lonely Planet as so close, yet “thrillingly at odds” with Western Europe, Morocco is an exceptionally great value travel destination for 2017. Both serene and frenzied, encompassing mountains and beaches, and the renowned markets of Marrakesh (known as souks), it is easily accessible from the UK, with return flights from around £38. An undeniably cheap trip, the average price of a coffee in Marrakesh is £1.00 and a fast food meal typically costs around £4.00.


The Hungarian capital of Budapest is an ultra-cheap holiday destination that is perfect for a city-break. Full of history and beautiful architecture, you can book a hotel room for £10, purchase a beer for £1 and even enjoy a sit down meal for under £5. Famous for its stunning parliament building on the river Danube and its hot springs - where you can spend the day for around £14 – Budapest is set to be a popular destination for 2017.



A holiday destination closer to home, Portugal’s two largest cities are perfect for a cheap trip away. Lisbon and Porto are both full of character and will charm you immediately. Porto, set on the bank of the Rio Douro, is flourishing with culture with its wine caves and vineyards as well as its pebble beach. It even has a signature sandwich: the Francesinha which is made up of steak, ham, sausage, melted cheese and tomato sauce – delicious! Lisbon has more vibrant nightlife and music, with lots of cafes and open spaces, coupled with museums and historic buildings. Both cities offer hot temperatures and splendid attractions at cheap prices, making them great value.



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