by Nichol Quinn


24 January 2024


Friday 26 January 2024 marks the annual Australia day! A day designed to celebrate all the things loved about Australia: land, lifestyle, democracy – but particularly the people.

Australia Day is about acknowledging the contribution every Australian makes to their contemporary and dynamic nation.  The 26 January is an important date in Australia’s history that has evolved over time. Starting as a celebration for emancipated convicts, today it is a day to acknowledge past wrongs and show respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ survival, resilience, and enduring culture.

It is also a day where respect is paid to the stories, histories and contributions of the Australians who lived, worked, and fought for the values and freedoms often taken for granted.

Australia Day continues to be hugely popular, with 3 in 4 Australians believing it has a bigger meaning beyond being just a day off.

In our latest blog, we take a look at the five things which make Australia great…

“No worries, mate.”

Australia lives up to its stereotype – Sun, fun, beaches, and friendly people everywhere. But it is so much more than that. With a rich history dating back 60,000 years, Australia offers a diverse mix of cultures from all over the world.

Australia is the perfect country for those who love to enjoy life but at the same time, want to live in an efficient and cutting-edge country. Known for its easy-going lifestyle, Australian’s find the perfect balance between efficient productive work-lives and fun-filled social lives with a strong focus on well-being!

Nature, nature, nature…

From the red sands of Uluru to the clear blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the flora- and fauna-rich rainforests, Australia is blessed with some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world – so it comes as no surprise that Australians love to be outdoors. This passion for nature runs deep through Australia’s veins and is anchored in the foundations of the country’s history; a respectful connection with the earth has been central to Aboriginal culture for more than 50,000 years.

Seasonal wildlife means you can swim with whale sharks one month and manta rays the next. But locals are eager to explore their own backyards, too. Sydneysiders enjoy ocean swims at sunrise, Canberrans take weekend bike rides around the lake, and Perth’s King Park is the local’s favourite for a picnic.

Aussie Dining

The options for experiencing Australian cuisine are endless. From café breakfasts to ocean-side lunches and fine dining, Australian cuisine blends fresh native ingredients with influences from all over the world to create something totally unique. Taking inspiration from the native surroundings runs true for many of Australia’s tasty tipples, too. With thousands of wineries located throughout 65 beautiful wine regions, and a boom in artisan distilleries and craft breweries, many Australians are using native botanicals to create wine, beer and spirits that reflect their surroundings.

Sharing a meal or a drink with a group of mates and an amazing backdrop – whether enjoying pan-Asian flavours down a Melbourne laneway or indulging in a Greek share plate on one of the country’s many beaches – is true Aussie style.

Life’s a Beach!

Find countless ways to kick off your shoes and enjoy the many beautiful Australian beaches, be it surfing, fishing, kayaking, picnicking, sharing an impromptu game of beach cricket or just soaking up some sunshine.

You can find elements of this beach culture even when Aussies are away from the waves. For decades, this culture has influenced everything from Australian music to children’s television programs.

The Spirit of the Outback

The Australian outback is home to an array of different landscapes and countless natural wonders because a sense of adventure and love of outdoors feed the Australian lifestyle. When down under, you’ll find plenty of Aussies outside the cities taking in the fresh air and clear night skies of Australia’s regional communities and stunning outback.

Hike through the MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory, with its ancient mountain ranges and refreshing water hole, to get a feel for why the outback is so vital to Australia’s lifestyle.

So, there we have it – 5 reasons for you to visit Australia…as if you needed anymore!

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