by Dale Robinson


15 May 2024


We caught up with Mrs Norton, who took out her 30th policy with Just Travel Cover this year, ahead of a five week round-the-world-World Cruise.


Mrs Norton has been one of our most loyal customers in recent years, taking out 30 policies since 2019.

The 65 year old semi-retired musician divides her time between working with the military, charity work, practicing the piano and of course, travelling.

She also has an incurable cancer, and has had for 15 years, making finding appropriate Travel Insurance very difficult.

Here’s what Mrs Norton had to say about how she came across Just Travel Cover and why she wouldn’t go anywhere else for cover now.

Firstly, how did you initially find Just Travel Cover?

As I have an incurable cancer, and have had for fifteen years, finding a cheap one year travel insurance plan hasn’t been an option for a very long time. I tried all sorts of companies, some good, some less so, but as my cancer is never going to disappear, premiums have gone up as the algorithms are probably saying, ‘Well, this MUST be the year she gets really poorly again…’. Finally, on yet another Google search, I came across Just Travel Cover. 

And do you arrange your cover online or over the phone?

I usually sort it all out online, although there have been some places – Saudi Arabia for example – where it was advised that i phone up to arrange the policy.

What are the main reasons you buy Travel Insurance?

The nature of my illness means that any infection could take hold of me very quickly so I would need to go to seek medical help very soon should I become ill. That’s the reason I would NEVER go away without it. 

Have you ever had to make a claim?

I have been incredibly fortunate so far and haven’t had to make a claim. I can only hope that, if and when I DO, the process is as simple as buying the policy.

What do you like about buying Travel Insurance from Just Travel Cover?

I like the broker element – Just Travel Cover always offers me different companies, and different levels of cover with each insurer available, so that I can decide what matters to me.

For example, I’m not normally too concerned about baggage cover since it’s also covered by my husband’s annual policy and furthermore, good luck to anyone who takes one of my suitcases – they’ll probably wish they hadn’t!

How have you found the process of taking insurance and any after care service you have needed?

I’ve always found it easy to get the cover and if I’ve needed to make a call, the staff are really nice to deal with.

How does having Travel Insurance make you feel when you have a trip booked or are away?

It gives me reassurance that not only am I financially covered, but that there’s someone at the end of a phone in an emergency AND someone would make it possible for me to get home if necessary. 

You have been to some incredible places – are they all leisure trips?

Our trips are nearly all for leisure, although I have made a couple of trips which I’ve combined with some music and we were in Saudi Arabia visiting our son who was living there at the time.

Do you usually take out ‘Smart Luggage’, which pays out in real time for delayed/lost luggage?

I’ve bought Smart Luggage policies a couple of times. On our most recent trip last month, we did a five week round the world trip involving 10 flights and five different airlines. It seemed sensible to take out a policy for that, being as how it would have been massively inconvenient to lose all our cases in between continents. We didn’t need it, thankfully.

Where’s next on your bucket list?

We have a mixture of short trips coming up, but this year’s trip to Australia and New Zealand was so good that we are already considering going back. Returning to Costa Rica and Vietnam are also in the plan – we have to do these things whilst I am well enough to do it and nobody knows how long that might be. So we plan, book and insure – and then hope we get to go!

And finally, would you recommend Just Travel Cover to friends and family?

Yes, I would certainly recommend Just Travel Cover to anyone, and I do. Particularly to those who might struggle with policies elsewhere. 

Wow.. what an inspiration (and not jealous at all!).
A huge thank you to Mrs Norton, and to all of our many repeat customers.

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