by Sarah Forster


30 January 2024


Martin Lewis’ Advice on Travel Insurance

Did you hear Martin Lewis on ITV’s money show explaining why Travel Insurance is not just for when you’re on holiday?

Whilst many people leave Travel Insurance to the last minute, the money saving expert advises holidaymakers to arrange cover “ASAB” (that’s as soon as you book).

The reason is because Travel Insurance is not just for when you are on holiday, but on single trip policies it starts as soon as you buy the policy, meaning you have cancellation cover in place. 

In a press release, Mr Lewis has previously explained:

Martin went on to explain how:

“Each spring without fail, someone asks me a heart-breaking question. Usually, they’ve been diagnosed with cancer or another serious condition that needs long-term treatment, and they won’t be able to go on their summer holiday.


“Yet the airline won’t refund them – within its rights as the ticket is not faulty. I say, ‘that’s what travel insurance is for’. Sometimes though, they tell me they haven’t got round to getting it yet.


“My heart sinks as I have to tell them there’s no recourse. Half the point of the cover is to protect you if things happen that stop you going, so get it ASAB – As Soon As You Book.”

A Real-Life story: Alan’s Pre-Departure Insurance Claim

We caught up with one of our customers Alan, who had to make a Travel Insurance claim BEFORE he set foot on his cruise ship.

Alan and his wife were set to embark on a cruise to the Western Mediterranean last year. They had purchased travel insurance as they always did, and were looking forward to their holiday.

However, the day before they were due to leave, Alan received a call regarding his son, who had been involved in a work accident and was now in the Burns Unit at East Grinstead Hospital, subsequently spending four weeks on the critical list.

Alan and his wife naturally wanted to get back to their son, and could not go on their holiday as planned. They contacted their Travel Insurer to file a cancellation claim.

How Travel Insurance Came to the Rescue

The Travel Insurance company quickly responded to their claim and provided them with the necessary documentation to fill out. They also provided assistance in cancelling their cruise and were able to provide a full refund for the cost of the trip.

Alan and his wife were grateful for the quick response and assistance provided by the Travel Insurance company during this difficult time for the family. They were able to be with their son during his recovery, and were reimbursed for the cost of their cancelled holiday.

Thanks to the excellent staff at the Burns Unit at East Grinstead, Alan’s son was able to recover and is now back at work. Although the accident caused a significant interruption to the family’s plans, they were able to rely on their Travel Insurance to provide financial support and assistance during this difficult time.

Insure Your Holiday As Soon As You Book

It is important to arrange your Travel Insurance as soon as book, to cover you for such unforeseen circumstances. At Just Travel Cover we are able to provide specialist cruise cover, including high cover limits and polices with no upper age limit, including Travel Insurance for over 70s. Read how we helped Jess here.

Cruise Travel Insurance 

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