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Coronavirus update: all of our policies provide cover for emergency medical expenses & repatriation if you contract COVID-19 abroad. Some policies also provide cover for cancellation and curtailment and these are clearly marked alongside the price when you get a quote. Please note that you will not be covered if you travel to a destination where the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has advised against all, or all but essential travel. 

Coronavirus: Travel Insurance that covers COVID-19

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Get added Peace of Mind With Cover For Covid-19.

Travel Insurance for holidays up to 20 months away.


The coronavirus vaccine has provided fresh hope of a return to a more normal way of life, with holidays top of the list for many people in 2021.

International travel is back under a traffic light system, but we understand you may still be concerned about the impact Coronavirus may have on your holiday plans.

That’s why we can now offer enhanced Covid-19 cover with some of our Travel Insurance policies – and we can now provide cover for holidays up to 20 months away, so if you need something to look forward to, you can protect yourself too.

While all of our policies include cover for emergency medical expenses (including if you were to contract Coronavirus on holiday) we now also have some schemes that will provide additional peace of mind, including cover if:

  • You need to cancel because you contract Covid-19 before you travel*
  • You need to cancel because you are required to self-isolate*
  • You incur additional costs due to being denied boarding at the airport (with Covid-19 symptoms)*

Plus, if you need to move your holiday due to coronavirus you can amend the dates on your policy.

*Note that terms vary between insurer. To make it clear what is included, when you get a quote you will see that the policies that offer enhanced cover are clearly marked. There is also a ‘Covid-19’ document to each scheme, which you can see alongside the price.

Enhanced Covid-19 Cover Now Available

  • Cancellation cover if you contract Covid-19 before your holiday and cannot travel*
  • Cancellation cover if you’re required to self-isolate and cannot travel*
  • Cover if you’re denied boarding at the airport due to Covid-19 symptoms*
  • Cover for emergency medical expenses if you contract Coronavirus on holiday

Terms vary between insurer – please check price delivery page for more information or call 0800 294 2969.

Your Coronavirus Travel Insurance Questions Answered

If I fall ill at home with COVID-19 and cannot travel am I covered under Travel Insurance?

Yes, with some of our schemes you will be covered as standard, subject to a medical certificate / test result, providing you have tested positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of travel.

If I have to self isolate at home and cannot travel am I covered?

Yes, on our AXA scheme you will be covered as standard, subject to a medical certificate / test result.

If I fall ill with COVID-19 (or other pandemic illness) when I am on holiday will I be covered?

You will be covered on all schemes for emergency medical expenses, provided you have not travelled against government / medical advice. 

I've changed my holiday date due to COVID-19 and I already have Travel Insurance. Can I change dates?

It is usually possible to change the dates on your policy, and how far into the future you can amend to will depend on which company you are insured with. Please call us to discuss your options.

You Can Compare Prices and Cover From These Insurers

All insurers will provide cover for Emergency Medical Expenses should you need assistance while abroad. Each insurer and level of cover will provide different terms and you should read the COVID-19 document before purchasing, or click here to view the policy wording and important information for each insurer.

Protection before and during your holiday.


  • Contract coronavirus and can’t travel: COVERED*
  • Have to self-isolate and can’t travel: COVERED*
  • Refused boarding at airport: COVERED*
  • Need emergency medical treatment abroad: COVERED
  • Changed holiday dates due to Covid-19?: AMEND DATES FREE OF CHARGE

* Terms apply for all scenarios and vary between insurer. See Covid-19 doc and policy wording for each insurer for details. Please note you will not be covered if you travel against FCO advice. 

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