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Award-winning Insurance policy that pays £500 for lost luggage – straight into your bank and right when you need it.

Buy as part of your Travel Insurance, or if you already have cover in place, just pay for the Smart Luggage benefit for added peace of mind.

We’ve all been there – the dreaded wait at the airport for your luggage to arrive, wondering why yours always seems to be the last case off the carousel.

Unfortunately, they don’t always arrive as expected – in fact, more than 26 million items were mishandled by the travel industry in 2022, and 80% of those were delayed.

That’s why we’ve launched “Smart Luggage”. With the increasing incidents of Travel Insurance lost baggage claims, Smart Luggage provides an essential safety net.

What is Smart Luggage?


Smart Luggage is Travel Insurance for luggage and personal belongings. Whether you’re travelling with a traditional suitcase, cabin bag or carry-on luggage, you could benefit from the following if your luggage is lost or delayed:

  • Real-time payments straight into your bank or PayPal account of choice
  • Receive £50 if your luggage is delayed and cannot be located at your destination airport*
  • If your luggage is deemed lost after 48 hours receive an additional £500*
  • Parametric Insurance policy
  • No lengthy claims form
  • Included on all gold Travel Insurance policies
  • Available to buy separately or add on to bronze or silver policies from just £3.50

Already got your Travel Insurance?

You can still purchase Smart Luggage and be protected from as little as £3.50.

*Terms and Conditions apply. Flights must be registered at least 24 hours before the date of travel. All claims must be made within 48 hours of acquiring knowledge of the delay or loss. Check your policy wording for more information.

How do I buy Smart Luggage?

  • Included on all gold Travel Insurance policies from Just Travel Cover
  • Available to add to any silver or bronze Travel Insurance policy
  • If you have a Travel Insurance policy already, you can still purchase a Smart Luggage policy from just £3.50, simply click here
  • Available on single and annual trip policies

How does Smart Luggage work?

  • Take a look at David’s journey below
  • See Smart Luggage in action with Nicole, who claimed £550 for lost luggage earlier this year

Smart Luggage in action…

Tony, Chesterfield

“My engagement party was on the Saturday night (the day after I landed), and I had no clothes. Even my toothbrush was in my case!”

Nicole, Scotland

“I had just changed travel insurance providers and this was my first trip using this service – I cannot recommend it enough.”

Smart Luggage FAQs

How is this different to baggage cover on Travel Insurance?
You can only make a claim for lost luggage on your Travel Insurance, typically after 21days. This is due to majority of airlines not declaring an item of luggage lost until the 22nd day.

With Smart Luggage, an item is deemed lost after 48hours of it not arriving at your destination airport and you receive payment to buy those essential items, directly into your bank.

Do I have to pay an excess?

No, there is no excess to pay. All you need to do is make your claim within 48hours. 

What is the difference between a Single and Annual Smart Luggage Policy?
  • Single Trip Travel Insurance: the policyholder and each covered person can claim for one item of checked luggage on each leg of a trip
  • Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: the policyholder and each covered person can claim for one item of checked on each leg of a trip ie; both outbound and inbound up to a maximum of 3 trips each, within the period of insurance for your policy.
How many items of luggage am I insured for?
The items of luggage you are insured for on your Smart Luggage policy will depend on the type of Travel Insurance you have purchased.

  •  Individual – 1 item of luggage per individual named on the policy
  • Couple – 2 items of luggage
  • Family – 2 items of luggage
  • Group – 1 item of luggage per individual named on the policy

Additional items can be purchased by clicking here. You can only purchase a total of 10 items.

How much can I claim?
You can claim £50 if your checked luggage has not arrived on the carousel and cannot be located at your destination airport after 30mins.  You will receive a further £500 if your luggage is still not returned to you with 48 hours of you notifying Smart Luggage this is delayed or missing. Please see policy wording for full details
How do I register?
Once you have purchased your Smart Luggage policy with a Gold, Silver, Bronze or individual policy. You will receive an SMS and email from Smart Luggage requesting you to register. You then need to follow the link smartluggage.io/register  and complete the registration process.

Your flight details need to be registered at least 24hours before you travel. Don’t worry if you forget, you will receive another reminder 7 days before you travel.

How long does the luggage need to be missing to be deemed lost?
If we can not locate your checked luggage after 48 hours, it will be deemed lost and you will receive a £500 payment directly into the bank or PayPal account you registered.

For the claim to be processed you must ensure that you have reported your luggage missing within 48hours of arrival at your destination airport. See policy wording for more details.

How do I make a claim?
All claims must be made within 48hours and following the below process:

  1. Inform the Customer Services desk or Luggage Services desk at that destination airport that your checked luggage has not arrived on the carousel.
  2. If they are unable to locate your checked luggage, the Customer Services desk or Luggage Services desk will provide you with a SITA proof of loss receipt for your checked luggage containing a Personal Identification Reference Number (PIR).

Once you have retrieved the above information, you need to then login to the Smart Luggage Portal and report your luggage lost by clicking on Report Luggage.

  1. Enter the PIR number (this should be ten-digit reference containing five numbers and five letters).
  2. Enter your surname and date
  3. Select your Smart Luggage policy number
  4. Select your flight
  5. Take a photograph of the proof of loss receipt containing the PIR number and upload it.
  6. Click “report lost”.

On receipt of this information, Smart Luggage will begin to search for your missing checked luggage. If the luggage is not located 30 minutes after this, you will receive £50 into your bank or PayPal account, and if we cannot locate it after 48 hours, you will receive a further £500. You will be notified of the progress of your claim via SMS and have the option to accept payments from within the Smart Luggage portal.

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